The Armenian Origins of Santa Clause

According to, the origins of St Nikolas, also known as Santa Clause or the jolly old man who drives a sleigh pulled by reindeer, bringing presents and happiness to the world, have been found to be Armenian.

-Ethnographer Rafael Nahapetyan, speaking to reporters today, said that according to mentioning mother of the so much loved saint in Europe was an Armenian.

“It is mentioned that he was born in 280 and was of Armenian descent. It was considered that he was the son of Ergephan and Armenian beauty Nune. This rich family was not having a baby for quite a long time and finally, listening to their prayers, God gives them miraculous son, which becomes a person worshiped in all the European countries,” the ethnographer said.

St Nikolas was born in Batara town (near today’s Antalya). In the early age he lost his parents and was brought up by uncle Archbishop Nikolas Yerets. The commandment ‘Sell what you have and distribute the money to the poor’ became his life’s slogan.

With people’s wish he became Zmyurnia’s archbishop. Later he was exiled but continued propagating the Gospel. He died in 326 and is the most loved saint known as Santa Claus.

Rafael Nahapetyan, however, said St. Nikolas died in Zmyurnia, from whence his remains were transported to Italy in 1080. “His mission was curing people and families were looking forward for his visits,” he said.-


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