The Crusader Castle

Levonabert (Levon’s Castle) was built in the 12th century during the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, currently in the territorial boundary of Turkey, the Turks referred (renamed) the castle as Yilankale (Castle of the Snakes), although Turkish guides and historians rewrite the historic reality of Cilicia calling it a “Crusader Castle” Kristian Molin agrees, “the horseshoe-shaped towers projecting from the curtain wall are characteristic of Armenian castle architecture, as is the absence of a central donjon. Like many mountain Armenian castles, Yilan makes good use of the local topography for its defense  Its walls closely follow the top of the rock on which the castle is located”. Nonetheless, the castle represents the ingenuity of the Kingdom of Cilicia, and the many battles which Levon II the Magnificent was victorious in, in particular against the Seljuk’s and the Arabs.



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