Give the Gift of Christmas 2012: Birthright Armenia

It’s been a year and a half since I left the one place I felt I belonged. It has been 16 months since I boarded the man-made contraption that would wrench me away from the stone fortress jutting proudly from the earth, daring the Heavens to strike, convinced she would forever possess her instinct of self-preservation. The time has past, but the emotions that the experience I was gifted with invoked have remained the same. My heart still yearns for Armenia. My soul still demands to be set free among the sacred stone architecture dotting the land. My every move, my every thought, every fiber of my being, is dedicated to the homeland I have adopted completely. I found myself in a place I was not born, reveling in the wonder of the moment. I discovered the person I am proud of, the individual I want to be, in the whispers of the wind singing to me the lore and legends of times long past. This I owe to the people working for a rather spectacular organization, Birthright Armenia. This I owe to the one reason I was given such an unforgettable opportunity, Birthright Armenia. What I owe, I can never repay. That won’t stop me from trying.

The year 2012 marked a record number of 128 participants. Yerevan office and BR fundraiser in the States have put a lot of effort to make things happen: travel fellowships, homestay living, Armenian language classes, discovery excursions, alumni programs and more!

Last year, I made this shout-out to the world:
This year, I make another. Up until December 31, every donation will be matched 1:1. Any amount you can contribute will be doubled by the founder of this amazing organization. Give a gift this Christmas that will provide the same opportunity I was blessed with to another young Armenian, to explore and discover for him or herself the secrets those stones whisper through the wind. I have given my contribution. Don’t hesitate to give yours!

Contact info:

United States
T: 610-642-6633

T: +37410-54-00-37


Read the stories by those who have been given the opportunity:



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