Gotta Love the Chinese!


Now, I’m simply wondering whether this is Mandarin or Cantonese…. Anyone know?



6 thoughts on “Gotta Love the Chinese!”

  1. I can’t verify the information above or anything, but I do know the writing is the same whether it is Cantonese or Mandarin, even though the pronunciation is different. I don’t know if that changes the meaning or not. I might note that the word for America is something similar. It’s “mei guo” and it means “beautiful country.” I think they try to approximate the sound of the name of the country without having a bad meaning at the same time. I know that the word for Australia is something like Aodaliya. I took Chinese just briefly (for one semester). It was absolutely fascinating, particularly learning the writing system, which is quite beautiful in form.

      1. I saw that!!! I believe it was a friend of mine who went to china who met that guy.. or perhaps it’s another one.. this 1 was reciting a Hovhannes Toumanian poem in a better accent than most Armenians!

      1. From what I understand, they aren’t so similar at all. Not as similar as Eastern vs. Western Armenian. But since the Chinese writing system is not based on an alphabet, a Cantonese speaker and a Mandarin speaker can both understand the writing. The written Chinese isn’t the same as the spoken Chinese anyhow, even within the same dialect, such as Mandarin. So I’m sure there’s some adjustment required when it comes to reading. That said, I think that Chinese children use the Romanization of the Mandarin to learn to read. It’s called pinyin, and it shows you how to pronounce Chinese. It’s a sort of standardized way of writing using the Latin-based (English-like) letters. It has special marks for the tones that Chinese has. It’s all very fascinating, and I would’ve continued to study it were it not for my interest in the Middle East and Arabic.

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