Happy Birthday Robert Amirkhanyan!

Robert Amirkhanyan (born in November 16, 1939 in Yerevan) is an Armenian composer and songwriter. Professor of Yerevan State Conservatory.

In 1969 he graduated from the Composer department of Yerevan State Conservatory. From 1969 to 1972 Amirkhanyan was the musical editor of Armenian Radio. Since 1991 he is the head of the Union of Composers and Musicologists of Armenia.

He is an author of many popular Armenian songs (“Hayreni yerkir”, “Hayi achker”, “Ding-dong”) and soundtracks of films and animation cartoons.


  • 1968 – A Drop of Honey, animation
  • 1970 – A Spring of Heghnar
  • 1971 – Pui-Pui Mouse, animation
  • 1972 – Hayrik
  • 1972 – Men
  • 1974 – Abu-Hasan’s Slippers, animation
  • 1976 – And Then You Will Come Back…
  • 1980 – Panos the Clumsy, animation
  • 1983 – Hey You, Talking Fish, animation (a remix of the main motive become a Hit in Russia in 2000’s)
  • 1984 – In the Blue See, In the White Foam, animation
  • 1986 – Death of the Mouse, animation
  • 1994 – The Axe, animation

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