Evolution of the Armenian Alphabet- 1

The Armenian written language first appeared a few thousand years ago in the form of pictographs and developed into cuneiform and abstract lettering. The Sumerian use of cuneiform made it’s way into Armenia during the 4th millennium BC.

At this point, it’s prudent to point out that 2 different types of language existed, the human and the godly. The latter is also mentioned in the Bible, where Adam is said to have spoken in the language of the gods. Whether it’s Hungarian or Sumerian or Assyrian or any other mythology, a distinction between the languages spoken by the gods and those which were given to the people by those very gods  is apparent.

The first written forms of Armenian letters are believed to be in line with the sun spots and the activity levels of our sun. The sun can be looked at during dawn or through clouds and smoke, in order to protect the eyes. The manner in which the sounds of these letters were formed is unknown however. On the other hand, the use of the sun spots has added to the legendary beginnings, where the gods have provided language through the medium of the most powerful source known to mankind at the time. Chinese cultures also used the sun’s spots in order to develop their written language, one which they have documented from around 2000 years ago.

Furthermore, the Sun based calendar in Armenia has been found to be around 8000 years old, utilized since 6000 BC. The evidence of using the sun’s phases to determine certain aspects of life in Armenia can be found at the Medzamor ancient observatory, dating back to the beginnings of the 3rd millennium BC. The Sirius constellation is believed to have been the focus of this observatory, one which would have taken about  1460 years to form and corresponds with the time period known of Haykian. The second observatory is the stonehenge of Armenia, also known as the Tik-Tik stones, one which is believed have been in use from about 7000 years ago. There are many other such observatories dotting Armenia, though most have not yet been investigated fully.




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