Kurdish Musings

I have an update incoming, but I thought it would be nice to share this picture of the Kelashin Stele, an object dating back to the ancient Kingdom of Urartu. Urartu existed in roughly what is the Kurdish and Armenian regions of the Middle-East currently, that is in political terms Eastern Turkey, Northern Iraq, Northwestern Iran, and the Southern Caucasus during the years of 860 BC–590 BC. Urartu was conquered by the Median Empire in its expansion into the Middle East. Due to its presence in Kurdish regions, Urartu is often listed as one of the “indigenous” ancient groups that played a role in the ethnogenesis of the modern Kurdish people, along with Aryan groups and Islamic conquest.

Kelashin in Kurdish is a combination of two words. “Kel” can refer to a variety of things ranging from a tombstone to marker, but is generally understood to be treated with respect…

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