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After his political immunity was formally revoked in parliament at the beginning of October, former Foreign Minister and prominent opposition politician, Vartan Oskanian, was officially charged on 8 October with the misappropriation of $1.4 million donated by U.S. philanthropist, John Hunstman Sr. to the Civilitas Foundation, a think tank Oskanian founded in 2008.

Karina Gould followed reactions in Armenia and beyond for CEW.

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  1. Vartan’s public service following his tenure as foreign minister has been and continues to be as significant and far-reaching. The Civilitas Foundation, which he established in 2008, is much more than a conventional think tank. It offers innovative yet common-sense programs designed to foster democracy, development, and regional peace, with an overarching emphasis on helping Armenia become a dynamic, prosperous, and genuinely pluralistic republic. As importantly, the Civilitas Foundation has become a source of inspiration and hope for thousands upon thousands of Armenian citizens, youths in particular, who take their cues from the foundation to advocate civic discourse, wide-ranging democratic reforms, and grassroots economic empowerment.

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