Tasters of Caucasian giant strudel in Armenia won different prizes

20:17, 27 September, 2012

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 27, ARMENPRESS: Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan and Austrian Airlines prepared a surprise for Armenians and tourist in Yerevan on September 27. After tasting 60 meters-long strudel in Viennese style Meline Minasyan gained the chance and won the main prize of the event- two flight tickets to Vienna and a weekend stay in Vienna Marriott Hotel. As Zoltan Konshanski, the head of marketing department of the “Marriott” hotel, noted during the interview with Armenpress reporters this was a fest for those who liked eating strudel and traveling. After enjoying a piece of delicious strudel participators filled special vouchers thus gaining chance to win prizes.

According to Lukash Negedlin the director of “Austrian Airlines” this event has already become a tradition It is already 6th year “Marriott” hotel and “Austrian Airlines” organize this special annual event to promote intercultural links by making a wonderful autumn day in each September for everybody who likes Vienna and Austrian culture.


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