Rules for Driving in Armenia

1) the rules don’t apply to everybody.

2) You’ll learn detailed traffic violations by tickets issued by police.

3) When a lane is narrowed, via accident or work, anarchy prevails.

4) Regardless of how wide car lanes are, some people believe they own the whole road.

5) Everybody’s in a rush to get somewhere for no reason.

6) Pedestrians and drivers are equally suicidal, as they’ll just leap in front of you and act like you’re invisible.

7) Learn to swerve frequently due to road conditions, pedestrians, drivers, etc

8) The horn is your friend, it’s not offensive to use it and have it used on you.

9) Regardless of your speed, always cut right back into the left/slow lane upon passing.

10) A tinted window shouldn’t prevent you from leering at idiot drivers (just take an educated guess as to where their eyes are)

11) flash your highbeams to force someone out of your way

12) One well placed cut back in front of an offender is worth a 100 curses or middle fingers

13) At night, a quarter of cars, mostly taxis and marshutkas have barely visible headlights, so just estimate their position.

14) It’s best to treat Marshutka drivers like wolves…give them a cautious and wide berth.

15) Give yourself distance but accept that someone will use your safe cushion to halve your defensive driving habits.

16) You can change lanes in an intersection, but not right before one…that’s a ticket.

17) What appears to be a legal uturn can easily turn into a ticket because a cop decides there’s not sign to enforce the uturn.

18)BUCKLE UP. Finally, it’s not really a rule, but accept that as bad as it seems, it’s still far better than drivers in many other parts of the world.

Think of the improvement to your reflexes, reaction time, and vision.


Courtesy of my dear friend, Armen Martirosian!


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