Murderer Welcomed as National Hero in Azerbaijan

Ramil Safarov: Unrepentant perpetrator of a pre-meditated axe-murder of Armenian Lt. Gurgen Margaryan, in his sleep, during a 2004 NATO program in Hungary.

Convicted in Hungary; Extradited by Budapest; Freed by Baku; Welcomed in Azerbaijan as a national hero


14:57 . 31/08

Ramil Safarov, who hacked Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan to death during NATO trainings in Hungary in 2004, was granted pardon. He was released immediately after he was extradited by Hungarian authorities to Azerbaijan.

Aliyev’s official decree is already placed on his website. For a long time the Armenian NGOs were alarming that Baku was in active contact with Hungary at diplomatic and other levels for moving Safarov to his homeland.

In fact, the alarm was relevant, and today already the murderer who brutally hacked the Armenian officer just because he was Armenian, is free.

RA Defense Ministry and Foreign Ministry don’t comment on the information spread. 


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