Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Dear friends,

I have officially been nominated for my FIRST blogger award! It’s rather interesting. I have seen these awards circulating for some time now and have always wondered how the nominations occur: who is more likely to get nominated? What type of blogs receive the most awards? Over time, I let the subject go. I am not the average blogger, I don’t have witty lines that would get me freshly pressed and more than anything, I use this page to spread information and, from time to time, my thoughts on political or social matters. I’m truly humbled by the fact that there are those who deem my blog worthy of mention. I am further humbled by the fact that non-Armenians find my words and work so inspiring! It’s amazing how the digital world binds all of us together, allowing those from the four corners of the Earth to delve into the minds of strangers across the globe.

I should probably follow the rules of this award now 😀


1. Link back to the person who nominated you:

The lovely blogger and individual greatly deserving of this award who found this crazy page of mine worthy of nomination is Anarya Andir. Thank you soo much for following my blog so religiously!

  Anarya Andir’s Blog~ Scribbles, thoughts, and a few forgotten memories….

2. Post the award image to your page.

It’s actually a rather pretty image, not gonna lie 😀

3. Tell 7 facts about yourself.

1. I enjoy the simplest things in life: watching butterflies, staring at starry skies, hugs and kisses and truly heartfelt laughter
2. I have at least 5 books I started writing, with only one of them more than 25 pages
3. I apparently love playing the piano (a hypnotism act had me playing rather amazingly on an imagined one in thin air) though I have a horrid ear and even worse memory. Not a good combination for producing good music 😀
4. I love children. Surprisingly, though often a very impatient individual, when it comes to children and those who require that particular trait, I can be extremely patient.
5. I start thinking in French when I want to learn or speak Spanish. I start thinking in Spanish, when I want to learn or speak French. I’m terrible in both languages and rather inclined to mix them all up.
6. I love learning. That might be why I gobble up books as if my life depended on it, read newspapers and watch films based on reality and most especially, history. Also might be why my blog is set up as it is 😀
7. I’m generally the silly, strange and thoroughly happy-go-lucky realist people either love or hate 😉

4. Nominate 15 other blogs and inform them about that.

  1. When it comes to amazing blogs by great voluteers, Birthright’s got it!
  2. Interesting and inspiring information about Armenians-
  3. One of my favourite bloggers-
  4. I’m a HUGE fan of
  5. For a taste of the problems Armenia faces-
  6. A personal favourite-
  7. For those planning to move to Armenia-
  8. For Folklore and Fairy Tales from around the world-
  9. Breaking boundaries and uniting enemies-
  10. Captivating thoughts-
  11. Blog on human rights-
  12. A project originally stemming from an inclusive group on facebook about Near East politics-
  13. Famous Armenian Women-
  14. Witty words about everything!
  15. Interesting and Inspiring political articles-

There are many more blogs I thoroughly enjoy and follow, however, these are probably the ones I read and reread most… I’ll try to get more in a further nomination!

Once again, THANK YOU Anarya Andir!!

9 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

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