World’s Largest Chocolate Bar in Armenia

On September 12, 2010, the Grand Candy factory in Yerevan unveiled the 9,702lb monster of a chocolate bar. Guinness World Record’s representative Elizabeth Smith presented the factory owner Karen Vardanyan with an official certificate during a ceremony today. She said she was glad to witness what she described as an ‘incredible event’. Ms Vardanyan said that the chocolate bar was produced to mark the tenth anniversary of the company. The previous record was set in Italy in 2007. In 2011, Chicago beat Armenia’s record, but Grand Candy’s creation stays top notch!

The bar, containing cocoa beans from Ghana, was 224in long, 110in wide and 10in thick. It took 48 hours to mix the chocolate, five of which were spent roasting and grinding cocoa beans. It was 70% pure chocolate.


Read more:—Armenia.html#ixzz22GQIieKB


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