In the Name of Love and Justice!

…. We shall punish you!


Many will immediately understand the catchy line delivered by Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scouts before the enemy is destroyed and world peace reigns once more. This post isn’t quite in line with most others on my blog, but the fact that a childhood obsession of mine is coming back with a new season in commemoration of its 20th anniversary has me rather excited. In 1992, the celebrated Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon anime debuted in Japan, capturing the hearts of thousands of young fans. The series would eventually explode across the globe, resulting in five major story arcs, stage musicals, live action series and countless pieces of iconic merchandise.

The anime in itself is rather corny, especially to a young adult or older generation. However, the themes of love and friendship that have been the core of the storyline are definitely ones often missing in action when it comes to newer children’s cartoons. Female superheroes aren’t the craze any more and Pluto is no longer considered a planet. I do wonder how that particular detail will play out in the new season. However, other than the silly reliance on Tuxedo Mask to come help save the day and the often strange behaviours of the main characters (they are 14 after all), I believe the show created rather amazing role models for the children and teenagers growing up in the 90s. School-loving young girls could be superheroes as amazing as the glamour hogging ones (Salor Mercury vs Sailor Venus). Tough females who beat up bullies were introduced with Sailor Jupiter. Responsibility, religion and level-headedness were focussed on with Sailor Mars. Sailor Moon herself represented both the silly young girl with her head stuck in the clouds with an appetite never satisfied, and a strong young princess who would be willing to sacrifice everything in the name of love, family and friendship. The anime outlined the most important things in our lives, that which no amount of power or wealth could bring.

Perhaps 2 of my favourite relationships portrayed are that of Sailor Uranus and Neptune (a sweet lesbian couple with enough power to vanquish any enemy) and little Rini with Pegasus (Sailor Mini Moon with Helios). The latter is a relationship that develops so sweetly and in such innocence that the viewer cannot but vouch for their happy ending. Their love is pure, unhurried and unsullied with negative thoughts or voiced insults. They are kind and understanding of one another, respectful of each other’s choices and the space needed to allow a friendship to grow. Neither wants to own or dominate the other, but strives to be good friends and protect no matter what the consequences to the self. If this is not a perfect model to base one’s own relationships on, I’m not sure what is.

The new generation needs to learn about the soldiers of love and justice and I’m glad a new season of the beautiful anime I would often wake at 5 am to watch on satellite, even at the age of 14/15, will be offered. I’m thinking miniskirts and sailor suits might once again be the rage in fashion 😛


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