Today Marks the 1st day of the Battle of Musa Dagh


Wednesday, July 21, 1915
First day of the Turkish attack on Musa Dagh (Musa Ler in Armenian).

The following eighteen men are the martyrs of Musa Dagh. They lost their lives in 1915 during the bloody battle, struggling to the death to protect home and family. The Mountain of Musa (Samandagh today) became their tombs, near a monument that stood at the site until lately, where the graveyard and pieces of once thriving Armenian community are systematically destroyed in an attempt to rewrite history.

Today, there are three standing monuments dedicated to these heroic men and the battle of Musa Dagh. One is located in Armenia, one in Cambridge, Canada, and the last, built in 1996, in Anjar, Lebanon.

The Martyrs :
Hagop Karageozian 1880-1915
Hovhannes Koojanian 1874-1915
Hovhannes Loorchian 1891-1915
Sarkis Shannakian 1880-1915
Samuel Boyajian 1874-1915
Habet Vanayan 1889-1915
Bedros Havatian 1882-1915
Abraham Seklemian 1898-1915
Grigor Kebourian 1854-1915
Grigor Nekroorian 1875-1915
Jabra Kheyoyan 1887-1915
Samuel Markarian 1891-1915
Missak Bayramian 1897-1915
Baghdassar Mardikian 1886-1915
Hampartsoum Khoshian 1874-1915
Boghos Andekian 1894-1915
Hagop Havatian 1885-1915
Bedros Penenian 1855-1915


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