In the end, we are all simply Armenian, no matter what our dialect.

By: Janet Shamilian

The legacy of the Armenian language is consisted of 36 letters that together form the beautiful identity of the Armenian culture. The process of studying and ultimately mastering the Armenian language accurately reflects the Armenian people: a great deal of patience is required in learning the words. Similarly, patience is a fundamental characteristic of my people. After all, we have been waiting over 97 years for justice… As with any other language, these letters form words, which arrange sentences, later transforming into powerful thoughts, which create ideas, and ultimately metamorphose into actions. This sequential build up echoes the struggles my people have gone through – picking the pieces after tragedies in order to recreate the bigger picture for future generations. The Armenian language is deep, personal, and oh so beautiful…

American society has often been described as a melting pot. While this promotes diversity, it also creates…

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