Beware the Never-Pulled Over Armenian Female Driver

People get pulled over on a daily basis, often for speeding. Me, I think I have evaded police pullovers for 4 years now quite efficiently.

Until now….

A word of advice to policemen out there: Armenian females are feisty on a normal basis. Never-pulled over Armenian females who have no idea why they got pulled over and are a little freaked out? That’s scary stuff!

Funniest part? I was driving to the police station and was all of a block away when I heard the sirens behind me. Me being who I am, I drive for another bit before I realize those sirens are for me and the officer is on a motorcycle. I actually seemed to take notice in that order, which is strange unto itself since I nearly always notice the bikes first. I pull over and have this young cop, not bad on the eyes at that, sauntering over to me. I’m thoroughly confused at this point since for once in my life I was cruising at a steady rate and was actually enjoying keeping pace with the car before me. So I do a mental check. It’s light out so not a problem with headlights, I’m wearing my seatbelt, I’m going on EXACT speed limit (doesn’t happen too often) and for the life of me I can’t think of what else I could have possibly done wrong. Mental check on traffic lights and stop signs come out clean as well. Needless to say, by the time he gets to my window, I’m wondering if he’s a lunatic out to trap young female drivers into giving him money. Police scam people too!

Anyhow! Guy comes up and I’m questioning his sanity as it is. I might have given out some sort of signals because he seemed to back up quite quickly and I do believe I noticed a sheen of sweat on his face. Weather was hot too, but I rather like to think my expression made him nervous. His slight stutter gave him away at that as well. Might be natural, but how would I know. Apparently someone had forgotten to change the sticker on the plate. Mind you, the new sticker was in the glove box, so nothing illegal here. I got pulled over because of a license plate sticker everyone had failed to notice till now. He was out hunting for prey to write tickets to, I’m positive!

He asks me for my license and registration.. no big deal. ‘Cept by the time I grab em, he’s walked back to his bike and is fiddling on a machine. Apparently running my plate through to see if I’m driving illegally. I look out the window, I call out asking what’s up, the man just stands there with that little machine, staring. At this point, being Armenian, I get out of the car to see if I am indeed missing a sticker. Lo and behold, I am! What’s the first thing a young Armenian female does at the sight of trouble? I call my parents. I’m agitated and just a little freaked out, I must say. The officer, I believe, was regretting his decision already. I think the step back and pulling on collar might have given him away. I go, grab the sticker from inside and slap it into his hand. See, I refuse to get a ticket, especially when I have been FOLLOWING the law. he helps me put on the sticker and clears his throat before mentioning that “this is right on the border..” I assume that means that normally he’d give a ticket but he’s setting me free? I pretty smile and a thank you with a goodbye conclude our business. Funny enough, he waits until I move first before driving away to the other end of the road.

I pity the poor lad. He didn’t look much older than 28 😀

Beware the never-pulled-over Armenian female driver 😉 You might get more than you bargained for


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