Armenian Queens: Keran

Keran (died July 28, 1285) was the wife of Leo II of Armenia. She was the daughter of Prince Hethum of Lampron. Born Anna, she was called Kir Anna (Lady Anna) beginning in 1270. This name was later shortened to Keran, or Guerane.

Many words of praise were made about Queen Keran by her contemporaries. Her son Hethum claimed that “she had a wonderful soul and a beautiful body.” The chronicler and scribe Avetis, described her as “a good friend to her husband in trouble and joy.”

They had fifteen children:

  1. Hethum II (ruled 1289–1293, 1294–1297, 1299–1307)
  2. Princess Fimi of Armenia (born c. 1266, date of death unknown)
  3. Princesse Sybil of Armenia (born c. 1269, date of death unknown)
  4. Thoros III (ruled 1293–1298)
  5. Prince Ruben of Armenia (born c. 1272, date of death unknown)
  6. Princess Zablun of Armenia (born c. 1274, date of death unknown)
  7. Princess Sybil (or Zabel) of Armenia (born c. 1276, date of death unknown)
  8. Sempad (ruled 1297–1299)
  9. Constantine III (ruled 1299)
  10. Isabelle of Armenia (died c. 1321, date of death unknown), who married Amalric of Tyre
  11. Princess Theophane of Armenia (born c. 1278, date of death unknown)
  12. Rita of Armenia, who married Michael IX Palaeologus, co-Emperor of the Byzantine Empire with his father Andronicus II Palaeologus. They were parents to Andronicus III Palaeologus.
  13. Prince Nerses of Armenia (born c. 1279, date of death unknown)
  14. Oshin (ruled 1308–1320)
  15. Prince Alinakh of Armenia (born c. 1283, date of death unknown).

Leon II, queen Guerane, and their five children, 1272

After the birth of her last son, Keran became a nun and entered the Monastery of Drazark, assuming the name of Theophania. She died on July 28, 1285 and was buried in the monastery.


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