•  Both face up to 10 years in a Turkish prison..
  • Both suspected of having links with groups the USA has listed as terrorist organizations. 
  • Both these women stripped of their right “innocent till proven guilty.”
  • Sevil is allegedly linked with the  group called Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C).

“She is accused of having attended the May Day parade, and having gone to a concert of a music band called Yorum,” a group known to have a socialist ideology, said the lawyer.”

Out of the tens of thousands of Turks who attended that  parade, what made her the terrorist supporter for having gone to seen the  Turkish band known for writing political songs  and not any one else?

And not surprisingly,  a  lack of  evidence linking Leyla Zana to any crime is also clearly evident.  It seems based on her speeches in favor of reforms for the Kurdish population, and release of Kurdish…

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