Emboldened Enemies

For 20 years, the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan has been teetering on a string, pulled this way and that according to the wind. Stormy seas are more common than sunshine on the tentative borders it seems, threatening to pull both nations into another death grip of bloodshed and death. 30,000 were lost during the last war, innocents consumed by the banality of politics. During the 2 decades of a constantly violated ceasefire, many more have been enslaved by an everlasting sleep brought to them by those once friends, though now foes. Today, we see more than simply ceasefire violations.

Last month, the Tavush region was hit by the Azeri side, the Armenian army suffering numerous losses because of it. Two days ago, another foray into Armenian lands brought upon us 3 soldier deaths and multiple wounded. Yesterday, return fire on a second attempt to infiltrate the borders of Armenia cost 5 Azeri lives and apparently one missing in action. It should be noted that The villages hit are bordering Azerbaijan, but rather far from the “disputed” Karabakh lands. Violating ceasefires has seen an increase in the last year, but a direct assault on Armenia is great cause for alarm, one that is distressing for the US as well, according to Clinton’s latest speech. The efforts by local and international groups to see peace in the region are terribly disregarded, with the blade of war hanging high now, waiting for the last string to snap before it chops either one head or the other.

It would be naive to believe that it would be an easy win for Armenia. It would be equally as naive to believe that money and population can win a war against a people determined to fight unto their last breath. Armenians have set precedent to winning against unimaginable odds, toppling great armies through the sheer might of their willpower to do so. I don’t expect Azerbaijan to be ignorant to this rather important minuscule fact. As one of the oldest surviving nations currently walking this earth, it would be a catastrophic mistake on Azerbaijan’s part to underestimate a man’s determination to survive and protect what is his.

If this is the beginning of another all-out war between the neighbouring enemies, I pray a wet blanket can put out the fire before the flames consume the innocent once again. Playing with matches never turns out well for anyone.


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