On Thursday Turks mobbed the street protesting the injustices  and lack of freedoms in Gaza to mark the anniversary of  the flotilla tragedy.

Nine Turkish activists were killed by Israel commandos 2 years ago when the commandos were forced to board their ship when it became clear the ship  intended to  violate Gaza’s blockade.  Turkey who backed the ship’s resistance  one hundred percent refused to accept any responsibility for the deaths.   Instead Turkey blames Israel entirely, and has not shown one bit of concern about the aggression of the activists prior to the shootings  that left 2 commandos  paralyzed.

Israel has refused to comply with Turkey’s demand to apologize and pay restitution to the victim’s family.

Turkey not liking the international community’s response  they have  decided to take the entire IDF to court in Turkey.

Turkey is not only against Israel’s blockade of Gaza,but  they have made it  abundantly clear they support  the Palestinian side against Israel, and have more than once shown…

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