The Art of Dolma

Tolma is known as Dolma on an international level and for the most part believed to be a Turkish dish as the name means “to fill” in the language. However, Toli in the Urartian language meant a grape vine, transferring the dish’s Turkish identity to an older and more native population of the region. Furthermore, ma means begotten of or create by, so that the name literally refers to the dish coming from the grape vines of the region. In modern society, there are those who do not know or believe the Armenian meaning behind the name, and so avoid using the Turkish name by using some rather awkward replacements sometimes. Litsk, patoug, and terevapat are the most commonly used, meaning filler, wrapper and leaf-wrapped respectively. Dolma has become a staple of Armenian cuisine, one which refuses to admit to being influenced by other cultures and which carries fond memories of grape-leaf picking outings, especially in the diaspora.


One thought on “The Art of Dolma”

  1. Doli means grape leaf, and MA is from Mayrig or mama in Armenian meaning born from, derived from. So DOLMA IS VERY ARMENIAN MEANING BORN FROM LEAF, MADE UP OF LEAF. EVERY WORD HAS A MEANING IN ARMENIAN… IF THEY ONLY LEARN!

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