Contrivance of the Coffee Shop

In 1672, an Armenian by the name of Pasqua Rose started selling coffee in Paris from a booth set up in the fair held during the 2 coldest months of Spring. Turkish waiter boys would serve the coffee to crowds in small cups. The fragrant odour of the coffee would attract many customers. Later, he opened a small coffee shop. However, he moved to London not long after, opening the 1st coffee shop in the country for the tea drinking English population. Historians mention that he was the first to advertise about coffee in England and dressed like a Turk. He would import his coffee beans from Izmir in the Ottoman Empire. His style was what made the turbaned head part of the coffeehouse logo. The Armenian tradition of following what one does and replicating by the dozen on the same street was seen in Vienna, where one Armenian’s novel business of the coffee shop was followed by many others opening the same business, pioneering the tradition of coffeehouses in Old Vienna.


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