Armenian Coffee

The Armenian name for coffee is soorj, a word in imitation of the slurping sound made while drinking. It is said that it was seen as a sign of manhood for an Armenian man to loudly slurp his black coffee.

Preparing the beverage requires boiling it twice in order to build up the foam before pouring into the little cups in equal amount. It should be drunk either sweet or black, never a medium in between. The muddy bottom is used for the fortune telling part once you are done drinking it. Armenian tradition has the drinker press at the bottom of the cup with his/her thumb to further detail the reading. This shows that you are opening your heart for the fortune teller’s examination.

Visiting an Armenian home, you will always be offered coffee as a gesture of hospitality. If the owner of the home doesn’t have any money for coffee, you know that they live in the direst conditions of poverty, as coffee is often bought before bread. Furthermore, Armenian coffee is the cure to nearly any ailment one can suffer.


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