Armenian Names: Alpiar

Alpiar or Arpiar was a name commonly used in Western Armenia, where Alp means giant or hero and iar/yar means family/relative. Thus, the name means “an individual who is either a giant or commits heroic acts. Surprisingly, it qappears to have little to nothing to do with the name “Arpi” meaning sun. A famous Armenian with the name is Harutiun Alpiar, born july 12, 1864, in smyrna and an armenian journalist/humorous writer.


9 thoughts on “Armenian Names: Alpiar”

    1. Hi Robert, I’m new here so I hope this comes out OK. Max ALPIAR was my 2nd cousin twice removed. I believe he died in 1962, but don’t know where. You can find me on my website.

      1. Mike – I don’t know how to find your website. I can tell you more about Max Alpiar. I have pictures of him. He passed away in 1960 in Southport, England and is buried in the Armenian Cemetery in Manchester, England. I can tell you even more about his son Ronald who passed away on 27th April 2007 in Dorset, England. Robert Sweet

      2. Hi Robert, Thanks for replying. It seems it’s taken 11 days for the notification of your posting to land in my Inbox. I would be very interested to learn more about Ronald. Can you reconstruct my email from mike.yegwart ?

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