Newsline: Czechs embassy opens in Armenia

Diplomatic Briefing

The Czech Republic has opened its diplomatic mission in Armenia in the building of the Polish embassy in Yerevan. The Czech embassy in Yerevan will have only one employee, charge d’affaires Petr Mikyska. Formally it will be subjected to the Czech embassy in Tbilisi in the neighbouring Georgia. Given the limited capacity of the new mission in Yerevan, Armenia will continue to fall under the consular office in Tbilisi. Short-term visas for Czechs would be issued by the consular office of the Polish embassy. Armenia opened its diplomatic mission in Prague in 2011. Armenia is one of the six former Soviet republics participating in the Eastern Partnership project launched in 2009. The Czech Foreign Ministry said the new mission in Yerevan is the first example of Czech-Polish cooperation in this respect. It said it was one of the models of having missions in some parts of the world and cutting…

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