We despise you, but we shall vote you into government…

I’m downright confused. It’s been a week and I have yet to grasp the idea that our people are mindless sheep. Perhaps that is an overly generalized and utterly degrading manner of description, but the shock of the election results has yet to pass. Hence, I will ask forgiveness for the rantings of a befuddled mind.

For years, I have heard about the inefficiency of the government, the rampant corruption, the desolation and ever widening gap between the highest and lowest classes. I have been faced with the mantra “This government is no government, this country is no country, there are no jobs, there is no money” time and again, currently able to recite it without thought. I have seen the hatred for the government in the eyes of the people. I have followed the campaigning and the election efforts. I have watched the young generation stand up against injustice. Yet, I stand dumbfounded by the results I see before me.

The ruling party of the last few years has only strengthened its position! The party ranking 2nd on the list is spearheaded by one of the top mafia figures in the country! The thought still running through my head is: Have our people lost their minds?! The worst part is that, according to rumours, the votes were bought with a measly 10,000 drams (roughly 30$). Would an individual willingly trade the possibility of shifting socioeconomic opportunities in the country for enough money to live for a few days (on a tight budget and not in Yerevan)? The metaphor that jumps to mind is that of a chicken willingly walking into a slaughterhouse in order to get a taste of some seeds she could easily get through other means.

I’m extremely confused. Furthermore, I’m enraged. When you have the opportunity to bring change into a failing system, what alien manner of thinking could possibly possess you to discard that treasure? One would think that those who honestly hate what’s become of our Armenia would take a stand and refuse to elect the very individuals who have monopolized the power and wealth in the region. The people hold the power everywhere and anywhere. At the moment, amidst my confusion, I also feel a heavy disappointment.

Unless those who complain actually voted for a party that could give them something different than what they suffer through today, I refuse to listen. For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Every action bears its consequences. If you took the bribe and voted for those you complain against and belittle, I’m afraid you have no voice anymore. I’m disappointed not in the government, but in the people. I’m angry not at the government, but at the people. This is what feeds my incessant confusion. I expected better from a people who have nary a single good word to speak for their leaders. The day the people stand up and put their complaints to action is the day Armenia will bloom again in the desert it has become. I pray this day will not be long in coming.

2 thoughts on “We despise you, but we shall vote you into government…”

  1. i’m sure less people accepted bribes this time around than ever before, the “results” are more due to ballot stuffing and straight-up falsification rather than actual counting of bribe-bought votes — in reality i’d say Heritage and ARF got at least 25% each

    1. We can assume that was the case, but there’s no proof towards that.. the disappearing ink is the only major infraction noted, other than bribery.. I wish those 2 had gotten 25%! woulda balanced out the numbers in parliament!

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