The Coming Global Helium Shortage (or OMGrunforthehillstheskyisfalling)


Raven Lunatick

There's my retirement fund right there...

Seriously folks, it’s time to start  hoarding up balloons in your basement because the world is running out of helium. You heard me right – running out of helium. Sciencey-type people estimate we will run out in 25 years.

This is just one more thing to file under, “why was I not aware of this?” Because I had no idea this could even happen. I’m sure I’ve  just betrayed myself as an inveterate arts major, but that this was possible had never occurred to me. In fact, to paraphrase Douglas Adams (badly) it hadn’t even begun to speculate about the merest possibility of crossing my mind.

Here’s what brought the issue to my attention: BoingBoing reports that 144 people were injured at a political rally in Armenia when balloons filled with hydrogen exploded. Why, I wondered, would anyone fill balloons with hydrogen? Holy Hindenburg Batman!

So here’s the short…

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