The Hypocrites We Are

On March, 19 2012, the Armenian Parliament rejected a proposal brought to the table by Armenia’s Heritage Party and supported by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun Party) to consider a bill recognizing the Assyrian and Greek genocides. This bill was struck down by the ruling Republican Party on the basis of respecting international efforts for the normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations and the lack of political need.

This is an appalling revelation to Armenians worldwide who have stood up for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and condemned the countries who would dare to use such a grand tragedy as a strategic play on the world’s chess board. Armenia dares to question the behaviors of other countries, when she plays the same pitifully disgusting game. How could we, as a people, deny our brothers justice?

To complicate the situation even more, Armenians and Assyrians have intermarried for thousands of years, sworn enemies one day and closest allies the next. Our royal houses have been interconnected since the beginning. Our people have worked side by side or fought against one another on the battlefield. We have a history that’s so entwined in each other’s that this rejection is akin to refusing your own child the justice she deserves. How dare we stand by and allow the world to forget the existence of our ancient siblings? What gives us the right to be hypocritical?

The Assyrians deserve to have their history recognized and to be represented in Armenia’s cultural sphere equally. Armenia’s ruling party has made many mistakes, but this one is particularly inhumane.

2 thoughts on “The Hypocrites We Are”

  1. The genocide of Assyrians and Greeks are well documented . Moreover , they have always been supportive of our cause . Not to acknowledge this for political gains is outrageous and immoral .

  2. Thank you very much dear Tamar, We are sure that Armenian people share us our concerns, but “governments” are always bargaining with no principles. We know it’s politics, but politics has nothing to do with suck a moral issue. Thank you again and I hope other Armenian activists will do the same.

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