One of the Survivors from the Titanic Tragedy was Armenian

Canadian CBC TV channel shot a film ‘Titanic: the Canadian Survivors’ on Titanic wreck. One of the episodes is devoted to the Canadian-Armenian Neshan Krekorian, told by his grandson Van Solomonian.

Neshan Krekorian’s father advised him to make a new life in Canada – far away from the persecution of Armenians in what is now Eastern Turkey. Krekorian bought a third-class ticket for the Titanic hoping to start everything again in Canada.

According to his grandson Solomonian, his grandfather carried nothing more than the clothes on his back and a small suitcase. He was part of those passengers, who spoke little or no English.

Krekorian said that when the accident happened, electricity has gone and panic rose, but later it was back and people started to calm down. However, Neshan did not see the iceberg, just pieces on the water. At first, they had to use axes to open way to the port. The grandfather also said that first and second class ticket holders were assisted and given priority. Neshan remembered also how the sailors died of hunger, but he could survive. He never told witnessing the Titanic went down.

Generally, he spoke very little of the accident. Probably he was chosen by the destiny to survive for later to call his brothers in Canada, who created their families, concluded Krekorian’s grandson.

Note: I know there are many grammatical errors- I did not write the article and it would be rude to correct.



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