Armenians in Belarus

Armenians in Belarus currently number around an estimate of 25000, most of whom reside in Minsk. The largest influx was in the 20th century, when trade within the Soviet Union pulled many into the country. The 1999 official survey shows a population of 10,191, 0.1% of the country’s population. Half of this population had settled in Belarus under the Soviet regime, when in the Soviet Union there were no boundaries, and specialists were often distributed or directed to other regions.

The Armenian community is known for it’s activities in trade benefiting the state. The last century bore a large number of prominent Armenian intellectuals in the sciences and creative arts, government officials and business leaders. The Chairman of the Armenian diaspora in Belarus is Eghiazaryan George Anushavanovich.

The second wave of Armenian immigrants appeared in Belarus after the tragic events of 1988 in the Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia and Azerbaijan, the 1988 Spitak earthquake and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. During these twenty years, the number of Armenians in Belarus has doubled.