Argentinian Armenians

In South America the largest population of Armenians is in Argentina where some 380,000 Armenians live. The core of the population came from Cilicia, Syria and Lebanon. In Buenos Aires, the Armenian community is known to share their common culture with the Basque community through musical events and cultural activities.

The Armenian community of Argentina has maintained its identity with flying colors thanks to its devotion to the church, school and the family structure. Most of those who came in the mid-1920s were poor because of the immediate departure from Armenia during the Armenian Genocide. They were lucky to be alive after the horrible genocide from Turkey who had taken refuge in Aleppo from places like Ainteb, Kilis,Ourfa and Hajin. The first Armenians came in 1908 and some came in 1915, but it was not until 1924-1930 that the community took shape when some 10,000 people settled in Buenos Aires. Subsequent waves of immigrants came from Russia, Romania and Greece. The influx dried up in the early 1950s. Today, the community is estimated to number 380,000. While survival was of paramount importance, education was also high on the agenda of the early immigrants. They had no money and few of them spoke a foreign language, therefore they gave a great deal of attention to education.


One thought on “Argentinian Armenians”

  1. and a few of them speak Armenian now… but they ARE THE Best ARMENIANS of the diaspora… survived through a lot.. but THROUGH ARMENIANS IN HEART AND CULTURE.

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