Capturing the Essence of Culture with the Tricolour


Armenian national patriotism seems to be the newest trend among the stars of the country. Razmik Amyan, as one of Armenia’s newer voices that has risen to stardom, is no exception when it comes to the production of catchy, visually artistic and culturally loyal music videos. In his particular new hit, each colour of our beautiful flag is likened to an important figure and event in history.

Beginning with a Christian representation, a prayer for the protection of the the Armenian people from enemies known and unknown, it outlines the cultural importance of the present in its religious zeal and trust in Jesus Christ.

A history pregnant with torturous pain, with heroes both great and just, the people of this ancient nation rely on their rich culture and staunch willpower to create an Armenia to be proud of both in the present and for the future. The hero offers his blood in a ritual to free a god like figure from the mountains, an infernal being trapped in his stony cold slumber, in a manner our people of old expected Sassountsi Tavit to break out of the mountain he was trapped in, bringing salvation to his people and driving back the forces that sought to destroy the Armenian essence. The golden crown of the released hero, combined with his fiery characteristics suggests his likeness to Vahakn, ancient god of the sun, warfare and volcanoes. The midnight dance withing a grove temple was popular in the worship of Asdghig, whose likeness shrouded in mist is invoked to bring back the fertility to the land. The god of fire and the goddess of water are united as man and wife among the stones of Karahunch, blessed by a powerful priest capable of controlling the elements of the sky. The man protects his home, the woman plants the seeds and nurtures the growth of beauty and peace, while the elder provides his blessing and guidance to the youth of the nation, a gift from the beings worshiped. It matters not if an Armenian has remained an Arevorti or converted to Christianity, because it is the culmination of our religions that defines us as who we are and shapes the path we have yet to tread.


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