USAID Pension and Labor Market Reform Project Essay Competition

USAID Pension and Labor Market Reform Project jointly with RA Ministry of Labor and Social Issues, Pension System Awareness Center (PSAC) Foundation and NASDAQ OMX Armenia announces an Essay Competition for Bachelor and Master Degree Students. The title of the essay competition is “My Model of Development of Economy Within the Context of Armenian Pension Reform”.
The goal of the competition is to raise awareness and instigate a discussion on the Pension Reform currently implemented by the RA Government in Armenia among students. The preference will be given to the essays, which will present new ideas on pension reform and economical growth as well as new arguments on their interaction. The Competition is open to Bachelor and Master Degree students of all higher educational institutions in Armenia. All the essays will be reviewed by the selection board consisting of the experts of the USAID PALM project, RA Ministry of Labor and Social Issues, PSAC Foundation, NASDAQ OMX Armenia, Central Bank of Armenia and RA Ministry of Finance. All the essays will be assessed in 10 score system according to the criteria mentioned below.


The final score will be decided as the product of scores for each criteria multiplied by relevant criteria ratio:
1. New or interesting idea: 0.5
2. Specific and right presentation and analysis: 0.3
3. Correct structure, spelling and smooth wording: 0.2

The awards:
The 3 best essays will receive the awards from the USAID PALM project in the below-mentioned order:
1st place: Apple iPad
2nd place: Netbook
3rd place: e-Book Reader

The organizers will inform the award-winners about the competition results and awarding ceremony by phone and e-mail. Please, carefully fill out personal data, phone number and e-mail in the application form attached.
The award-winning essays will be posted on the websites of USAID PALM project at:, PSAC Foundation, NASDAQ OMX at:

APPLICATION PROCEDURES:  Essays should be submitted electronically in Armenian or English to: with “Essay Competition” in the subject line. The essay should be 5-10 pages (1 page = 1800 characters). All the materials should be properly cited and list of used literature should be presented at the end of the essay. Each contestant may only submit one entry. Essays, as well as completed Application form (please see the attachment below), scanned passport, social security card and valid student ID should be submitted by 02 May 2012, 17:00.

It is preferable to submit the essays in MS Word format, page A4, text style: font Times New Roman (for English) and Sylfaen (for Armenian), size 12, spacing 1.5, margins: 1.5 cm top and bottom, 3 cm left and 1.5 cm right.

Please clearly mention in your application letter that you learned of this competition through Career Center and mention the URL of its website –, Thanks.

For more information and questions about the competition, please contact Hasmik Hovhannisyan and Lilit Aslamazyan, USAID PALM project assistants, at: the USAID PALM project, tell: +3 741 529 334, 529 335, 529 336 (ext.10). For useful information and knowledge for writing the essay, please visit:, and


  1. Application Form – essay_app_form_2012 (7K)


Sofia Manukyan

source: ARMACAD


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