Prominent Women: Esabelle Dingizian

Esabelle Dingizian was born in Baghdad in 1962. She is a Swedish Green Party politician and has been a member of the Riksdag since 2006. Until March 2008, she was known as Esabelle Reshdouni. Her maiden’s name is Dingizian, her father is Krikor Dingizian and her sister is well-known researcher Matilda Mettala. She is a member of the Culture committee, deputy of the Labour committee, and deputy of the Nominating committee.

She was very young when she realized that women and men were treated differently and began fighting against this mold that society placed everyone. Her outrage deepened as she realized that there’s a large gender gap in economics, politics, war, power, resources and even sexuality. “This is not acceptable. Why should poor women suffer so that men in the West who do not want to use public transportation can live comfortably?” She maintains some status quos, she says, in order to ensure a change where it matters most, in turn giving her 4 children a better world to live in hopefully.


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