Employment Opportunity in Yerevan- OSCE

OSCE Office in Yerevan

TITLE: Procurement and Asset Management Assistant

START DATE/ TIME: 01 April 2012

DURATION: Till July 2013

LOCATION: Yerevan, Armenia

JOB DESCRIPTION: The OSCE Office in Yerevan invites applications from
highly qualified, energetic and experienced Armenian professionals for
the Extra-budgetary (ExB) post of Procurement and Asset Management
Assistant at the Good Governance Unit of the Office. The post duration is
limited to the Project activities (till July 2013). The incumbent will
assist in procurement and asset management activities in the framework of
the three 2012-2013 Extra-Budgetary Projects of the Office:
“Strengthening Electoral Processes in Armenia” (Good Governance Unit),
“Empowering Armenian Civil Society to Monitor Electoral Processes”
(Democratization Unit) and “Capacity Building of the Human Rights
Defender’s Office Before the General Elections in the Republic of Armenia
(2012-2013)” (Human rights Unit).

– Check and verify Purchase Requisitions in IRMA for compliance with
common technical standards, availability of the requested goods in
virtual warehouse and the applicability of window contracts or
open-market contracts;
– Prepare/ check contracts with suppliers/ vendors if so required and
ensure their consistency with the OSCE Common Regulatory Management
– Post and process Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders in IRMA;
– Identify suppliers and register them in IRMA;
– Solicit price quotations for contracts with value less than 2,500
– Draft technical specifications/ terms of references for Request for
Quotation (RfQ), Invitation to Bid (ItB) and a Request for Proposal
– Select and prepare a list of suppliers who shall receive the RfQ, ItB
or RfP;
– Prepare, distribute, solicit and review Request for Quotation (RfQ),
Invitation to Bid (ItB) and a Request for Proposal (RfP);
– Screen received Quotations, Bids and Proposals and make recommendations
to the CFA and ExB Project Manager on the selection of suppliers;
– Prepare submissions to the Local Fund Material Management Committee
(FMMC) whenever it is required;
– Assist in determination of adequate technical standards for goods and
services in cases when no OSCE standards exist;
– Prepare documentation for local window contracts and prepare their
reviews and extensions when so required;
– Participate in negotiation meetings with potential suppliers;
– Identify venues for conferences, meetings, seminars and ensure their
availability in accordance with specific details provided by the
– Make arrangements for shipment and receipt of the Project related
supplies and equipment.

Asset Management:
– Recipe and inspect the Project goods/ services delivered for their
compliance with technical standards, specifications, terms and conditions
as indicated in the Purchase Order or transfer documentation;
– Bar-code material assets and attractive items and post code numbers in
– If necessary prepare Damages/ Discrepancy Report and distribute it to
the relevant addresses;
– Prepare submission of cases of disposal to FMMC/ OMMC that require
decision of those bodies;
– Make necessary arrangements for freight forwarding of OSCE Project
– Follow up on the centralized insurance arrangements for the OSCE
Project assets that are subject to such insurance and arrange local
insurance of assets if so required;
– Carry out other related duties as assigned.

– Completion of secondary education supplemented by training in General
Administration, Commerce and Procurement;
– At least 6 years of relevant work experience in the field of
procurement of goods and services, preferably with an international
– Computer literacy with practical experience in Microsoft packages and
OSCE computer system Oracle is an asset;
– Excellent communication skills in English and local language;
– Knowledge of Russian language would be an asset;
– Ability to work with people of different nationalities, religions and
cultural backgrounds;
– Demonstrated gender awareness and sensitivity and ability to integrate
a gender perspective into task.

REMUNERATION/ SALARY: Monthly remuneration, subject to social security
deductions is 643 Euro. Social benefits will include participation in the
Van Breda medical insurance scheme and the OSCE Provident Fund.

APPLICATION PROCEDURES: If you wish to apply for this position, please
use the OSCE’s online application link found under
http://www.osce.org/employment/43284 . Please note that offline
applications (by e-mail, fax or hard copy) will NOT be considered by the
OSCE Office in Yerevan. The applications must be registered online not
later than 18:00 on Monday, 12 March 2012.

source: http://armenia.im/2012/03/01/job-announcement/


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