Armenian Wedding Traditions 1

Traditional bridal wear for an Armenian woman would be a red silk gown and a gorgeous headdress. Often times, the bride and groom would wear gold or silver crowns and carry lit candles as they proceeded to the church on horseback. The bride wears an outer and inner veil, the inner veil is only removed after the ceremony in private with her husband. After the ceremony, two doves are released to symbolize the peace and love of their new relationship.


5 thoughts on “Armenian Wedding Traditions 1”

    1. haha! agreed! And we name the bride and groom the king and queen of the day.. we have a lot of traditions that we have kept from our old royal weddings and made it into our common wedding traditions 😀

      1. The church that I am having my wedding at has REAL crowns rather than the wreath type crowns that some have… I have to say, this was a major selling point for doing it at a church outside of my own! 🙂

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