Bring Home the Mother Goddess

Today, there is a petition to return that is left of our ancient worship of the goddess Anahit home to where she belongs.

Please sign and share!

Our ancient goddess, Anahit, was the most popular female deity in the land. She stood next to Aramazt in the Armenian pantheon and was known as “the one born of gold” or “the golden mother.” Her roots are believed to have begun in Persia though there are theories suggesting she was imported from Babylonia. She is believed to possibly be the Armenian Ishtar or the Elamite Nahunta. She was the goddess of the springs and the rivers, fertility and motherhood. Children were placed under her protection, just as with Ishtar. She was identified with the older goddess, Ma, especially in terms of her link to motherhood. In Persian or Parthian mythology, she was the fair daughter of Aramazt and the sister of the sun god Mihr and goddess Nane. Her statues were nearly always made of solid gold. Anahit’s difference from her mirror goddesses in the neighboring regions is that she was not associated with either war or death in any manner and her worship was considered pure, other than a single passage by Strabo alluding to fortification before marriage on temple grounds. Her temples were destroyed for the most part by the early Christians, the one at Erez by Gregory the Illuminator himself. (Armenian Mythology by Mardiros H. Ananikian)

Armenian stamp with the image of the cast bronze head (mid-4th century BC), larger than life-size, once belonging to a statue. It was found in the 19th century near Satala, located close to the Armenian district of Erez/Yerznka.


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