Book Review: Ancient Yearnings

For anyone with a thirst for the exotic, for the naughty, for the erotic and the vampiric, with an added bonus of Armenian history, this is a perfect quick read to keep you sated for all of 5 minutes before you start craving more of the same genre. I came across the book by pure chance and decided to give it a try, doubtful of it’s potential. There were no reviews and no books similar or recommended by amazon to add onto the confection. What I wasn’t expecting was my total enthrallment with the idea that an erotic romance could have a sweet plot and sweeter characters. It’s not a very long book and I had it done within 2 hours (I’m a fast reader), but it was definitely one of my more favored romances. It’s not the best, per se, but I’m partial to the thought of it being set in Armenia, as an archaeological dig, while recounting Armenian history around 400 AD and including Armenian vampires. I think it’s the last bit that really gets me. Vampires are currently the “in” thing, especially with today’s teenagers. Where they are in love with Twilight, I lean more towards True Blood  and intercept with Vampire Diaries.

“In the 12th year of the reign of King Vramshabuh, the people of Hamparzoum erect this stone in honour of the great lord, Abaven Mardig, who turned into a Dakhanavar to smite the enemies of the land. He is the Watcher over Hamparzoum and all its people. This stone is set to protect the prison tomb of Atar, the fire demon of the South. As long as Mardig watches, the people of Hamparzoum will be safe”- the inscription on the khatchkar found in the novella.

I never knew Armenian vampires existed, let alone that they were called dakhanavars. Furthermore, what an awesome name for a protector of the land who’s a vampire over 1000 years old than Mardig! Abaven Mardig means Protective Knight, a name I find quite suitable for his role in the area. Whereas vampires known to the West are animalistic and evil creatures, the Armenian vampires were created to protect against enemies who wished to harm the Armenian people.

Needless to say, an Armenian with a love for action, vampires, ancient artifacts and sappy/erotic love stories, would definitely like this quick and pleasurable read 😀


the book can be found at:


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Ancient Yearnings”

    1. I checked it out 😀 It’s an Armenian vampire that protects the mountains and 335 vallies or something and sucks blood from the soles of the feet.. strangest thing I have ever heard.. Aralez is actually the Hellenic 3 headed dog that licks the wounds of the dead 😉

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