Disrespect for the Leaders

I know it’s extremely common in Armenia to add an “-ig” at the end of given names, and when it comes to personal acquaintances, I’m all for it (though at 22, it’s kinda funny to be called Tamarig). In my eyes, it’s either done lovingly or when talking with a child, an assertion of your authority over the individual. However, when leaders are referred to as “Serjig” or “Vartanig” or another such name, it makes me step back in disgust. I was brought up to always respect my elders, to properly address those who hold titles and to treat others with the dignity they deserve. You don’t turn around to your priest and call him “Little Sipan” or “Keghartig” (I’m not using the Toronto priest’s name because his anointed name actually includes the -ig at the end). You refer to your priests as “Hayr Sourp”/Reverend Father. I can only laugh at the idea of calling my mother Susanig, let alone someone addressing their president in such a disrespectful manner. In the media, our prime minister here is referred to as The Right Honourable Stephen Harper. Even in common speech, we say Harper or his full name. It’s a sign of respect for a man who runs your country, no matter what your opinions of his work. I’m not sure if it’s a silly thing that really bothers me, but that lack of respect shows through, no matter where those used to branding with such nicknames go. I find it absurd and hope one day the people will be able to look past the negative and into the positive that each individual undoubtedly possesses, allowing them a modicum of the respect and dignity they deserve.


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Ինչպես որոշվեց, որ ԹՈՒՄԱՆՅԱՆԻ բնակարանը ՎԱՐԴԱՆԻԿԸ գնի


5 thoughts on “Disrespect for the Leaders”

  1. No one is saint, including him may be, but at least he is turning the money in the country, and not letting AZKAYIN BADGANELIYOUNS go to turks any more… which one is better?? and who is better??? the thugs that keep thier money in Swiss banks, or him who creates jobs in the country? if it was that bad, why they didn’t stop him and his types while they were and are still in the BUSINESS??? stop the stupidity…AYLEVS!!!

  2. So let me start, killing, extortion, harbinger a fugitive, helping a fugitive escape the country, burning down the businesses of competitors because they didn’t want to sell their business to him, blackmail, beatings, corruption, stealing from the city budget, narco trafficking. In any other country this person would be in jail! Like I said the only reason he is alive today is because of his bodyguards. I am a native of Lenakan and I see what he has done to the city. I don’t expect anyone to be an angel but I expect people not to worship demons.

    1. honestly, for everything you just accused the man of, I need actual physical proof. and where am I worshiping anyone in here? I’m merely stating that what he did here was a very good thing

  3. Well a person as Vartan doesn’t deserve any respect at all. I think you should really look in to the thug and crook that Vartanik really is and then reconsider if he deserves respect. The fact that the only thing that is keeping him alive are his bodyguards should say enough.

    1. Everyone deserves respect. Now, I don’t know what he does that makes him such a thug and such a crook, but I have heard many a good thing about the man. It seems everything he does that’s good seems to incite a negative reaction though. If anyone expects any human being to be a saint, they are in for a devastating disillusionment. Without meeting the man, I can only speak well of his good deeds. I have a feeling you have never met him either but formulate your opinions on heresay.

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