Baby Sarkozy born in Gyumri

January 25, 2012 | 17:18
YEREVAN. – A baby boy was born Wednesday at the maternity hospital of Armenia’s Gyumri city. And in honour of the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the newborn was named Sarkozy, Gyumri Maternity Hospital’s Director Armen Isahakyan told Aravot daily.

He also informed that the parents themselves had decided to name the child Sarkozy, since they were very moved by the French Senate’s passing of the bill that criminalizes the denial of genocides, including the Armenian Genocide, and therefore the parents wanted to express their gratitude in this way.

The three-kilogram Sarkozy is from Akhurik village. He is his parents’ firstborn, and his father is unemployed.

Little Sarkozy’s parents already received their baby boy’s passport with his name and surname: Sarkozy Avetisyan.

Also, the ruling coalition’s Republican Party of Armenia was the first to “mark” Sarkozy’s birth, as the Party representatives presented US$ 200 to this socially disadvantaged family.


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