Truly, what have we gained from this?

There are countless cries out that this bill is an impediment on the freedom of speech. I agree. I have disagreed with the bill from the beginning. However, since there was no way of stopping it, I looked to other matters. It got people like you and countless others to read about it and write about it. It also got me thinking about something else and researching. I have a blog dedicated to this, the title literally being “What have we gained?” We gained equality in the eyes of the law. For, none are allowed to deny the holocaust of the Jews. None can dare say it was not a massacre of an entire race. The same way, given the primary evidence, the Armenian Genocide cannot be denied be denied now.

I don’t feign to understand politics, nor am I naive enough to believe my people mean anything to the world. We are not cheap labour for Western factories, we are not an oil fountain, we own no nuclear power or sea access required for the world’s trade. We are a small country, so air travel is no problem either. We’re rather insignificant. That is the only reason I smile at the bill right now. Freedoms are an illusion; governments already control our every move and thought. Well, governments control media, and media controls access to information vital to the nourishment of the mind. In the West, no one knows or cares about the Middle East or the Far East. The information that filters through incites fear against the unknown. We would be kidding ourselves if we trusted that our governments give us freedom of anything. They give us enough to create the maya, the illusion. They then happily conduct their affairs, ones unbeknownst to the people who naively accept what is given without question. The bill in itself might violate a “law”, but that law was never in place as it is. Right now, it simply equalizes the lack of freedom of speech, removing another obstacle` discrimination.


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