A pinch of hilarious nonsense…

I was looking through different news articles pertaining to the vote by the French government criminalizing the denial of the Armenian genocide, and came across 2 hilarious news articles.

See, the ironic part is that Turkey is acting like a child, putting sanctions on France, recalling ambassadors and threatening never to step foot in France again. I may adore children, but the spoiled ones who huff and puff and stamp their feet aren’t exactly the most lovable. Turkey has, in essence, become the spoiled brat shaking his fist, threatening and stamping his feet in a temper tantrum a 2 year old would be envious of.

Of  course, one of the childish responses to this bill is making Valerie Boyer’s face and name a new condom brand… :/ I fail to understand the logic in this: http://www.nationalturk.com/en/french-mp-valerie-boyer-behind-armenian-genocide-bill-to-be-a-condom-brand-15663

The next on the list of childish tantrums is providing for the diapers that Turkey will wear: http://www.panarmenian.net/eng/news/87956/

Can’t say they aren’t creative in their sanctions!


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