Aha yev Verch….. Hayge Bardvets Vosokh Pelin….

Arthur Meschian is probably one of the most vocal of the fools of today, an army of which is ever strengthening as all our people had fought for crumble in ruins. The days are no longer as bright, the nights stretch longer, the songs echo from the stones of walls long forgotten, and in the end, the legends rewrite themselves, wondering if we truly have survived throughout the ages.

There isn’t an Armenian in this world who has grown up in a patriotic household or has attended an Armenian school that doesn’t know of the legend of Hayk and Pel, the mythical yet possibly entirely true battle between the mighty Hayk’s clan and the Babylonian King. Independence was the goal and just like Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, our giants of forefathers gave their lives for the freedom of our people. The slaying of Pel signified a new era for the Armenians and began a new chapter in their history. However, to the detriment of the nationalist patriotic fools of the present, all that Hayk’s legacy created is systematically destroyed today, removing any trace of the proud, dignified and always virtuous forefathers that built the fortress we reside on.

When I say fools, it is’t going by modern standards, but referring to the characters our great writer Raffi created. “Khent” is the correct title to use, which unfortunately doesn’t have a direct translation in English. On the contrary, the persona is much like the fool in Shakespeare’s plays, an individual that breaks all norms yet sees beyond the present and far outside the box. As the Sartarabad battle’s song dictates, “When there is no way out and none know what to do, it’s the fools that come up with the plans… This is how the great battle of Sartarabad rose in the horizon…” Translations are often quite poor, but these lines dictate the very essence of every victory, speaking of those with a vision that make a difference in this world and take flight from the ashes.

Arthur Meschian speaks of what we have become today and how this outcome could have only been caused by Hayg losing to Pel. We curtail our own freedoms, we regress into a society that should no longer exist and we sell our proud soul for a handful of wealth that will disappear with our own deaths. The Fools cry out against what is happening but that cry holds little strength. We keep singing about our victory, but it is only in our own hearts. Who should we be believing now? Where is the church of our soul? We might have won the battle in theory but it seems we have in truth lost one greater. The legends that define us are nothing more than stone, the books have been shut and the present generation is defiled by the sins of the world. Our people need to once again embrace our roots and return to acting with noble bearing, head held high and stance strong against all that is impure in this world.

Disclaimer: The words can be understood in multiple different ways, this is my take on the moral of the song


One thought on “Aha yev Verch….. Hayge Bardvets Vosokh Pelin….”

  1. Dear Mr. Arthur Meschian,
    I am Rafi Atamian.
    I would to send an e.mail with attached very old Armenian song. I would appreciate to know the name of singer of that song.
    Would you kindly send me your e.mail address? I am not able to access it from your web pages.

    Rafi Aatamian.

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